I Want A WWW Name
How Do I Get One?

Been thinking about getting your own WWW name? This page was created to help all those who are considering their own website or webpage. If you are in the Ventura County, California area and would like your own webpage, Chaco's Place.Com can design and host a basic webpage for you. If however, you are interested in having a more complex series of pages, then you might want to consider your own domain name (www.yourname.com).
There are several steps you must go through before you can have your own domain name:

First, you must register your domain name with the Inter NIC. This is the organization that makes sure that there isn't more than one entity using the same domain name.
Second, you must find a server to host your site. There are many different hosting companies around. The prices of which can be different as night and day. Generally, you shouldn't be paying any more than $40/month to have your site hosted, but this can depend on the type of site you have.
Finally, you must create your site and promote it. Promoting it means submitting your URL (the http://www.yourname.com) to all the different search engines on the web (ie. Yahoo, Google, etc.). This process can be extremely time consuming.

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