You Should Know What's On Your Credit Files

If you've been through a divorce, bankruptcy, or any other financial difficulties, obtaining your credit reports is the first step to repairing or establishing your credit history. If you've never ordered a credit report, this is some of the information you can expect to find on a typical report:
I recently ordered my credit reports from the three major credit reporting agencies, which took about an hour. I was surprised to discover a lot of inaccurate information. This was the first time I had actually spent the time to find out what information was being obtained about me. It took several letters and a few phone calls to correct all of the inaccurate information ( wrong social security #, wrong addresses, etc.). It is a relief to know that now, when inquiries are made into my personal files, at least the information will be accurate.
It is my recommendation that everyone obtain copies of their credit reports to verify that the information contained in them is accurate. I have recently found a company that specializes in obtaining your credit information for you. You can order your information from them all in one spot rather than filling out several forms all across the web. They are reasonably priced, not to mention convenient. You can find out more information by clicking on the banners below.
Free Credit Report

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